Here are four books by Matthew Wells, as well as A Process Revealed and The Manual of Bridge Engineering to which he contributed chapters. His best contribution is reflected in the work of AA Diploma 15 documented in ‘Drawings that Count’


Engineers: A History of Engineering and Structural Design

This innovative new book presents the vast historical sweep of engineering innovation and technological change to describe and illustrate engineering design and what conditions, events, cultural climates and personalities have brought it to its present state.

Matthew Wells covers topics based on an examination of paradigm shifts, the contribution of individuals, important structures and influential disasters to show approaches to the modern concept of structure. By demonstrating the historical context of engineering, Wells has created a guide to design like no other, inspirational for both students and practitioners working in the fields of architecture and engineering.

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Skyscrapers: Structure and Design

An investigation of thirty skyscrapers from around the world–both recently built and under construction–that explains the structural principles behind their creation Skyscrapers, ever taller, astound us with their immensity and beauty. Despite the challenges associated with their design and safety, there is continued growth in the size and number of tall buildings being built around the world. In this fascinating book, Matthew Wells, a practicing structural engineer, explains the principles behind the construction of skyscrapers and the ways they are designed to withstand such forces as earthquakes, high winds, and fire.

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A Process Revealed

This book reveals how client, architect, engineer and manufacturer worked closely to deliver an extraordinary nine storey residential development in central London. The tallest building of its kind, it has an entirely wooden structure from the first floor up

In this book by Henrietta Thompson, Matthew Wells writes chapters …

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30 Bridges

A must read for anyone interested in bridge design.

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